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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thrift Book Alert: Buy 1 Free 1 Promo @ Pick Me Up, Buttercup

Buttercup is having another clearance! All items on their lovely blog are subject to this absobloomingly wonderful BUY ONE FREE ONE promo except for the ones with a *. Those are items they're selling on behalf of a friend. Click here to check out their available goodies! This special promotion last from NOW till 31 August only.

Simply pick two items and pay for the higher priced one ;) Here's a preview of what they have:

Earl Grey Tea, RM45

Groovy Baby, RM16

Layer Cake, RM39


Bag It

Another handmade junkie out there has come up with these adorable bags. Love them for their offbeat and quirky designs!

lomo tomo & dino, RM20 each
both from


Zip It Up

I simply can't resist zippers! They make the most mundane things interesting; like a basic racerback dress in a neutral grey tone.

Racerback Patchwork Dress, RM40
from Wonder Wardrobe


Flats, Hands Down!

For your dress down and dress up days, I present to you two lovely flats from Craving4Clothing that will be kinder to your feet than their high-heeled counterparts.

Whitey Flats
and Pointy Flats, RM20 and RM25
both from Craving4Clothing


Sunday, August 16, 2009

A4 Paper

Look at A4, look at A4!! Isn't she gorgeous? Amazing what the right combination of shapes, colours, and lines can do, huh? Perfectly relaxed and totally cool.

A4, RM30
from OMG!

* They're having a clearance sale there!


Halloween Comes Early This Year

With a batwing sleeve and Jack-O-Lantern colour, this quirky little top sure stands head and shoulders above the crowd of generic racerbacks. For the girl who loves Emily Strange, Tim Burton and Zooey Deschanel.

Little Cutie, RM35
from mydressingcloset


Top This, Topshop!

For girls who walk into Topshop for inspiration more than purchasing purposes, I have got good news for you! Here's a true vintage floral print dress that somehow manages to look even edgier than its Topshop counterpart thanks to its unique black straps. Too good to be true, no?

Floral Dress, RM28
from Edward Cullen


I'm Playin Ya

This one's already on reserve...but you never know, girls, there might still be hope. Hop on the waiting list and see what happens ;)

No need for knights in shining armour when you're clad in such military wear yourself!

Military-like Blouse, RM35
from Vintage Pod


Friday, August 14, 2009

Tip: How to wear vintage without looking old-fashioned (via Mystyle)

My Style has an awesome article on how to wear vintage without looking like a fuddy duddy, and also how to shop smart for thrifted and vintage fashion. This really made us laugh (and nod our heads furiously in approval):

2. Remember, vintage clothing is often preworn. "Smell the underarms, because you may be unpleasantly surprised," she cautions.

Read the full article here!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Snap em up!

Dirty Laundry brings us another round of adorable vintage jackets and dresses, from bows to bold graphic prints to sweet kimono-inspired dresses. Want better news? Purchase RM30 and above and get these vintage bags for RM15 each! Now don't say we didn't tell you to hurry before someone else grabs them ;-)

Vintage sling bags, RM15 each
for purchases of RM30 and above

Checkered bow jacket, RM30

Chiffon polkadot dress, RM25

Roman tee dress, RM29

Satin short retro dress, RM25 (yummy!)
All items available at Dirty Laundry


Monday, August 10, 2009

One piece wonder

A one-piece wonder that will get you from drab to fab in a jiffy. Runway-worthy slouchy top and fitted bottom to make your legs look miles longer makes this dress a saviour for those "I don't know what to wear" days!

Butterfly, RM27
Available at Here's Looking at You, Kid


Thrift Book Alert: August Sale @ Vintage Vendors!

All tops and skirts for RM10. All dresses for RM15. All month long.


Hop on over to Vintage Vendors quick!



Aren't they just? The combination of colours and the prints are just so lemon-twisty-fresh that I almost wanna turn to them and say "good one!" (winks and clicks tongue, points two index fingers at them).

Please buy them and remove them from my sight!

Quirky Queen vintage top, both RM23
from the quaint shop.


Gimme some attitude

Ohhhh you know that love affair with them studs ain't over yet! Grab this piece of pretty in the form of a studded black mini skirt. Perfect for work or more 'serious' affairs, but only if you want to look like you OWN attitude. Yeah baby.

Side studded mini, RM35 (brand new)
Available at Wheee
p/s: Originally bought at RM69 :-)


Style for less, and we really do mean less :-)

We love it when shopaholics set up their own preloved blogs, especially those with exceptional taste. And that's exactly why you'll love The British Dream too. She's a stylish lass and she's opened up her closet to you-- let's raid it girls! ;-)

Bubbly bubbles dress, RM19

MNG 'Ines' Skinny Jeans, RM39

Dorothy Perkins beaded ruffled top, RM29
All items available at The British Dream

p/s: Also spotted in-store...


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Oh Sweet Heavens!

Can someone tell me why these dresses haven't been snapped up already?? Simple yet distinctively vintage. For the old soul with a young spirit :)

Blue Swank, RM30

Lemon, RM20

Blue Mod, RM25
all from I'm Your Personal Shopper


Love Me Do

Sweet but not saccharine. Really love the subtlety and quirkiness of this light, light, rosette chiffon dress. Pair it with masculine boots for an interesting contrast ;)

Rosette Chiffon Dress, RM40 (including Pos Ekspres)
from ONE DAY


Can You Believe It?

A vintage blouse that is NOT oversized. Tailored to fit with a refreshing colour mix of checkers and the cherry on top of the cake - a sweet little bow! Wear it prim and proper with high waisted shorts or rock it out with black cigarette pants.

Hannah Montana, RM35
from sgtBAIK


Monday, August 3, 2009

Adorable sailor

The ONE piece that is worth being on the waiting list for. Adorable sailor mini dress in the cutest cut ever!
Polka the sailor girl, RM29*
Available at HeartWear Vintage
*Promotion til 6 Aug~ 1 pc for RM29; 2 for RM50; 3 for RM70!


Slouchy style

Get those creative juices flowing with this slouchy, drapey vest in basic black! Layer it over your basic tee, or an oversized one, and go for ballet flats. Slouching may be bad for you, but not when you look this good ;-)

Drape, RM15
Available at Preloved Junkies


Gingham goodness

Sundaes and fries at the diner, you'd be as cute as a doll in this red and white gingam top! The generous V-collar injects casual fun into this printed blouse. Shorts and mary janes, and a thick satin headband is all you need to get Archie's heart-- though I'd much rather prefer just a sundae :-P
Red and white gingham blouse, RM25
Available at Naked Toast on Fat Girls
p/s: Calling all petites... XXS Supre dress in-store too!


Nostalgic Charm

Old sewing machines your grandma used to have (she made you your first full-length, puffsleeve nightgown), little denim overalls with visible stitching. They've got it all here! It's nenenebubu I'm talking about! A little shop spewing hand-made goodness with a distinct vintage slant.

Blazer, RM32.

Oops! Big Ear! RM32
both from nenenebubu.


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hip to be Stiff AGAIN

Stiff little dresses are incredibly Twiggy-esque, don't you think? Just pair with tights and put on lashings of mascara! Wear that doe-eyed expression and crop your hair for that full-on effect (yes, we're getting a bit carried away).

Crew Neck Dress, RM29
from The Wearables.


Hip to be Stiff

Short, cute, geometrical, with double pockets! AND in a totally retro colour. Show off those long, long legs in this altered vintage dress with just the right amount of stiffness, originally from Like, Seriously.

Vintage Linen Sheath Dress, RM36
from Rag-Re-home

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