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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Click your heels three times...

I'm finding it hard to resist this cute little thing! Not only perfect for lazing around with candy shorts or distressed mini denim skirt on a hot afternoon, but also extremely adorable with its colourful heels print and mini bow sash on the side. Toooooo cute! :-O

Miss Selfridge colourful heels top, RM13
Available at Skinny Heels Preloved
p/s: Lots of branded items in-store!


Get an earful of these candies!

Whether it's florals, mod or vintage that you're looking for, when it comes to accessories, be sure to check out Nenenebubu. Pretty handmade earrings that will set your heart aflutter whilst completing your outfit!

Summer float earrings, from RM8 per pair

Available at Nenenebubu


Clever huggers

Go a step above regular cotton with these knitted mini dresses. Wear them loose, belt them, throw them over slick leggings, tuck them into a skirt-- there's aplenty you can do with these. Did we mention the fabulous cutting with the ribbed bodice (only!) to ensure you're hugged at the right bits? ;-)

Latte/Cherry Pom, RM28 each
Available at JacnKat


Punk princess

Be a punk princess whether it's day or night. Minimalistic studs on a dress with a detachable sash for the nocturnal princess, and a big lippy red kiss long tank for the daytime rocker chick next door. Throw a cropped acid wash jacket over them and mess up your hair a little for maximum drive.

Black, RM15 (never worn)

Kiss kiss, RM15 (never worn)
Both items available at Tangled Colours Preloved


Monday, June 29, 2009

Yellow barbie

It's hard to find a really pretty yellow dress, until you see this one! Button up on the back, minimalistic exposed zipper pocket on the front, and cute pockets to dip your hands into. Shorten the length for a more sexy mod look, or wear it as it is-- this yellow's gonna make you pop like sunshine.

Vintage yellow barbie, RM20
Available at Wannabundle


Hot stuff

OH DEAR, isn't this just the sharpest little jacket ever? In hot pink (also looks kinda fuchsia, which would be as awesome!), with princess sleeves, and a thick bottom hem panel-- totally Victoria Beckham, totally Legally Blonde, totally Jenny Humphrey!

Pair it with houndstooth shorts, booties and a thick hairband for some instant sass.

Pinkis Ol'som, RM35
Available at Vintage Rock Lurve Shop


Lazy stud

An oversized cardi can be your slick legging's best friend, what more in such a chill out colour palette of light grey and white stripes. And we love the suprise of the little studs, gives this silent beauty some punk edge, doesn't it? ;-)

Stripes Cardigan (UNISEX) V Neck, RM26
Available at I Am Pretty Happy Things


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cleanin The Closet

MYSTQ is having a clearance sale!! All her vintage dresses go for RM20 and that's including post ekspres. So technically, it's only RM16 for one of these beauties. These dresses don't look too frumpy because of their clean lines and solid colours. You could shorten them if you like, give some new life to old clothes!

All dresses go for RM20
from MYSTQ


Friday, June 26, 2009

Rainbow dance

The weekend's here! And here's another reason to do the chicken dance: Basics at RM10/RM12 each, yeayyy! Perfect with your puffy skirts, shorts, to layer, to throw on, to hug in, and roll around in.

Balanise Top, RM10 each

Cavista Top, RM12 each

All items available at Chic Heritage


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thriftbook Special Guest Reviewer: Maximus

Good day ladies,
Due to popular demand, I've been specially asked by the beauties running ThriftBook to be your guest reviewer. I'm highly honoured and feel extremely privileged to be amongst such company, I must say.

So while surfing what you call the internet today, I chanced upon this tigress of a dress. Only for the type of woman who knows she's in control...and loves every moment of it. Just the type of woman for me.

In the gladiator ring, life is always at stake, only you have the control of whether you make it out alive or not, so I always appreciate a lady who can take things into her own hands and make her own fate.

That shall be it for today.
I wish you well, ladies. Till I blog again.

Vintage Abstract Dress, RM35
from The Wearables


Guest Reviewer Profile

Girlies! As some of you girls might remember, one of our resident reviewers posted up a request on our ChatBox a few weeks ago asking for a pair of gladiators. Well, after waiting and waiting, finally, someone responded to her. And that's where we found Mr. Beefcake himself!!!

Maximus (swoons)

And, we at ThriftBook started thinking, hmmm, why not a male's point of view when reviewing clothes? And, boy, don't we have an Alpha Male here! So we asked him to take a little time off gladiator training to do a few reviews for us and...the rest, they say, is history.

So we proudly bring you.....



Thrift Book Alert: 1/2 Price Sale @ Cute Granny

Cute Granny's having their 1/2 Price Sale right now! Everything in the store (except the cute clothes under the post A Mix of Contemporary & Oldies 1 & 2) is going to be slashed to half!

Here's our favourite picks, and the prices below are before discount! ;-)

Beehive Saturated Day Dress, RM30

Victoria's Memory Blouse, RM36 (brand new)

Sweet in Flower Symphony blouse, RM20

Rummage for more bargainas at Cute Granny now!


Finder's keeper!

Everyone has a brown vintage sling bag, so when we spotted this grey one, we knew instantly it'd be a keeper. Looks in a pretty good condition too, aye? ;-)

Vintage bag, RM35
Available at Treasure of Noki


Tribal punk

pic from

Aptly christened Tribal Punk by the fashionistas at, only few chosen ones can pull this off. Get brazen and bold with this version of Tribal Punk-- glam it up with studs, fierce chunky heels, or even a cropped acid wash/leather jacket. Spicy.

Cocktail party dress, RM52 (brand new)
Available at Vintage Japan


Best reasons to wax them leggies

Make the boys blush in these skirts-- from sexy zipper paperbag skirt to country florals to slick peplum skirt! You've seen it at brand new stock blogshops, now get your hands on one for yourself ;-)

Ooh, most items are items are only worn once, and come with free postage too!

Zipper pink, RM25 (free postage!)

Flower fever, RM25 (free postage!)

pic credit to original blogshop

Ebony dress, RM38 (free postage!)
p/s: It's a dress that can also be worn as a peplum skirt! LOVE!

All items available at Dotty Dots


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Structured romping

Rompers and jumpsuits are a-poppin up everywhere on the brand new stock blogshops! So it's only fair that we feature the ones that won't break your piggybank ;-)

Structured and more masculine, we say tie an obi belt to define your waist, wear your booties or high heel gladiators, and strut your stuff. A more subdued colour than the neon ones we previously featured, and comfy too-- we really love one-pieces like this!

Jumpsuit, RM25
Available at Oldlovely


Neon tiger

Andmoreagain always has the best stuff, and we really do mean it. From cuts to colour, you know this lass has fab taste. Pretty garb in pretty affordable prices, and they seem to be in very good condition too! Here are some of our favourites...

Jay jay's hot pink keyhole smocked waist dress, starts at RM35
p/s: Jenny Humphrey brought hot pink to a new level on GG, as we're totally loving this colour in a new light!

Supre strapless romper, starts at RM35
p/s: Calling all petites! If you think looking for a strapless romper for your size is tough luck, here's your chance!

Ice strapless tube romper, starts at RM35
p/s: GOSH. Will you look at that colour! So reminds us of Boomkat's awesome styling when they first broke into the scene! Yummy...

All items available at Andmoreagain
(bidding via Ebay applies for most items)


Rocker chick

Go all rocker chick in this sexy bleached tank top. You could even tuck it into high waisted skirts for that bit of edge. Definitely calls for long layered necklaces!

Bleached mango top, RM28
Available at Impulse Shopping is a Big No No


Street smart

Let the hustle and bustle of the city get to you with this spunky tee in monochrome newsprint-like print. Whether you want to toughen it up with glossy leggings or sweeten it down with a feminine puffy skirt/tutu, you'd definitely ooze some streetwise sass in this tee.

Tee, RM15 (brand new)
Available at Efashionados


Naughty Bo Peep

Whether it's a costume party or you just have killer legs to show off, this little kitschy tutu will bring that much of kitsch to your dish. Check out the corset style ribbons, too. It's Little Bo Peep gone wild... :-O

Adorable tutu, RM40 (with tags)
Available at Wwwiolet


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

All You Need Is Love

Love is all you need. The amount of it is up to you! Get loads of hearty heartsies with this lovable colour-choked top. Oh, the kitschness of it all!

Loovey-Duvvy, RM20 (plus postage)
from Cheap. Pretty. Things.


Stripes and bows and pockets in tow

ARGH too cute to be true!!! Shorten the hem if you like, but this dress is as refreshing as a sea breeze. Did I hear someone say Lily Allen, no?

TLV4, RM28 (free postage!!!)
from Tangerine Loft


Midnight cravings

Who can resist the temptation of these simple and pretty cuts?

Whether it's the season's hottest florals or classic polkas or snazzy pinstripes, you'd be spoilt for choice. Frankly if we had to make a choice we'd have all three of these vintage pieces in our wardrobe NOW. Like NOW now.

Floral print sleeveless sheath dress, RM29

Polka dot print butterfly sleeve gather front silk chiffon sheath dress, RM45

Stripe print short sleeve silk chiffon dress, RM49
All items available at Like Seriously

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