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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Art Lesson Time!!

Kitsch is actually a term coined to denote art that is considered an inferior, tasteless copy of an extant style of art. Well, Kitsch has been brought to new heights with the likes of Ugly Betty and Katy Perry doing much to promote its quirkiness to the masses.

And here I have for you...the ultimate kitschy top and at a price you can't resist!!!!

BD 148, RM10
from My Budget Corner


Double Entry

I know we've only just reviewed a dress from this blogshop but we couldn't resist giving it a double entry!

When I first set eyes in this little number, I immediately thought how Vintage Darling it looked! With a fitted top half and a nicely-poofed skirt, this dress definitely fits her signature 50's influenced style.

Dizzy Dress, RM30
from Skirts and Dresses.

Vintage Darling at her best.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fine porcelain

Bold and eye-catching, resembling a beautiful piece of china (not the country). Fragile but stark, this is one beautiful oxymoron that will be perfect for a nice relaxing wine and dine with the girls... :-)

The blue dress, RM30
Available at Skirts and Dresses


Thrift Book Alert: Sales @ Vintage Pod

More sales for you lucky ladies, and we're sooo loving the bargains that's being offered!

p/s: W10 is really pretty! <3 Throw over a vest for instant fashionista...

p/s: Checkout the V-ruffles on W1! Roll up her sleeves, unbutton slightly and tuck her into your high waisted shorts for some floral chic action...

Blouses at RM15 each
Available at Vintage Pod


Give your jeans a break and get some air, ladies!

More dresses for you, this must certainly be your lucky day ;-) The weather's been so awfully hot, it's time to give those jeans a break and go for an airy dress for work, play, or that road trip you've been meaning to take.

Mulot dan Hati, RM35
p/s: Simple and beautiful cutting, right? ;-)

Sansaro Badan, RM35
p/s: Ahh, the perfect laid back dress for a road trip!

Rahasia Hati, RM35
p/s: Love this shade of blue and the drop waist!

All items available at A'xteqs


Play it safe (and sweet)

Ladylike vintage blouses galore at Creampuff Wardrobe! :-O Here are our favourite picks-- demure, simple, but with little details that matter.

Polka dot ruffles collar / Lacey batwing, RM35 each
p/s: Lacey batwing is a sure keeper! ;-)

White batwing mandarin collar, RM35
p/s: Tiny mandarin collar is just nice, so no worries about being mistaken for a rabbi. Just kidding hehe.

All items available at Creampuff Wardrobe


Dress to sing, dance and dream

Goodness gracious great balls of fire! Lookie who's updated with lots of goodies! :D


Roxy flapper dress, RM25
p/s: Smoky jazz and sultry lines, this is your very own Billie Holiday get up

Elsa sheer black and white floral dress, RM25

Dorothy red flats with bowsies, RM20 (size 7)

All items available at Pick Me Up, Buttercup


Marilyn, Marilyn, where art thou...

A classic bustier dress that brings back Marilyn Monroe's golden girl shine with its sexy bustier cut. All you need is a long pearl necklace, peep toe heels, pouty lips, and you're ready to break those hearts out there. And this is one dress that you can really say, "Oh, I just threw this outfit together like, 5 minutes before I got here! Yeah, like, in the car. On the federal highway."

Champagne dress, RM30
Available at Bits & Pieces


What every girl needs

Here's your chance to get the basic white tee that every girl should have in her closet, and at a very low affordable price too. Oh, plus it's Gap! ;-) Bidding is currently at RM3, so if you want it, skip on over to place your bid!

Gap basic tee, bidding starts at RM2
Available at Preloved from RM1


Laney Boogs in a bag

Artsy enough for Rachel Leigh Cook's Laney Boggs in She's All That to carry around, this bag looks like it can certainly carry a lot of brushes, sketch books, and nostalgia. Even if you're not the artsy one, you'd be oozing with some good old school charm, especially with that geeky glasses of yours. We're seriously digging the vibe this bag gives. LOVE!

Vintage Bag 48, RM30
Available at My Budget Corner


Thrift Book Alert: Sales @ Like, Seriously

Like, seriously you've gotta check these darling bargains out!

Embroidered, pleated front long-sleeve button shirt, RM19

Floral print summer dress, RM24

Midnight blue and canary yellow short-sleeve print summer cotton dress, RM20

Mandarin collar double-breasted dress with over-the-knee mermaid-tail skirt and pockets, RM30
p/s: Awesomely gorgeous in a Katy Perry 'Thinking of You' way!

All items available at Like, Seriously


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oldies, not moldies

Vintage-inspired earrings at Cute Granny! :D

Each pair at RM6
Available at Cute Granny


Thrift Book Alert: Bow hairclip giveaway @ Treasure Trove Box


Treasure Trove Box is having a ribbon bow hairclip giveaway for their dear customers! These ribbon bows are yours when you purchase from TTB. Purchase above RM 15 and get 1 ribbon bow hairclip. Purchase above RM 28, get a pair of ribbon bow hairclips.

Hop on over to Treasure Trove Box now :-)


Purple rain


A pleated linen skirt in the most royal shade of purple! *yum* Throw over a basic square-necked tank or even a racerbank tank, wrap a slim belt around your waist, glam up with accessories and your favourite booties and give this baby the lease of life she deserves ;-)

Available at Vintage Jiwa Creative


Monday, April 27, 2009

Houston, we need more colours here!

Tons of eye popping cute factors at Couple Birds, hurry on over now! *gasp*

Only for the bold... and the crazily, funkily beautiful ;-)

All items available at Couple Birds


Fold em up!

Tee hee! What a cute little cobalt blue top with folded sleeves! Great with shorts, or even when worn as a jacket for layering. Load up on the accessories darls!

Korean top, RM15
Available at Pieces of Key
p/s Pieces of Key sells a mixture of preloved and brand new stocks


Flower goddess

Another one for you ladies who are craving for maxis! ;-) Slightly expensive, but it *is* stated as brand new-- negotiable too! Lovely flowers which are not to overpowering for those of you who are not into bold prints. Very sweet indeed...

Tube maxi, RM60 (brand new-- negotiable :-))
Available at Compulsive Shopper


Your little white chameleon

Basic, straight to the point, crisp and clean-- that's exactly how we like our basic white blouses! Every girl should have at least ONE good white blouse in their bulging closets, because with basics like these, the possibilities are endless I tell ya! Cinch it with a tan belt for meetings, roll up the sleeves and pull over a halter vest for a more casual androgynous look. You'll love your little white blouse to bits :-)

A4, RM25
Available at Vin-tage-licious


Polka hots

Little dots and cute big buttons on this cropped light brown jacket, certainly an adorable way to add some hoo haa to your daily outfit! Tie a candy slim belt around it to jazz it up and unleash your inner Duffy! Mercyyyy.

JK top 049, RM20 (brand new)
Available at JacnKat


Scarves galore

Oh vintage scarves, how we've misssssssed thee! Thank the rainbows that Beautiful Disaster is here to save the day! :-) :-)

It's a wrap, RM18 each!
Available at Beautiful Disaster



Because we heard you've been looking for preloved maxis... :o)

3 tone maxi, RM50 (inclusive of postage)

Hippie inspired maxi, RM44 (inclusive of postage)
Both available at Somebody's junks are somebody else's treasure


"Hi, did you see the diamond in my apartment...?"

BE WARNED. You'll be getting very, very excited reading the post below. Please swallow your coffee/milk/juice before proceeding.

Designed and produced by the magic wizards behind the newly birthed Ring Apartment, these heartstopping rings are not only affordable, but are customizable in 3 different ring sizes (view their sizing chart for more info). Made out of acrylic and can be fragile-- all the more the reason to shower these babies with your precious love.

Officially Thrift Book's pick of the week! What a great way to start the week indeed... ;-)

Acrylic rings, RM8 each
Available at The Ring Apartment

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