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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh my my...

Like how Rachael Yamagata is she?!!! For that bangs-over-eyes, raspy-voiced-chanteuse-look, add these babies into your wardrobe NOW.

Vintage dresses, RM24
from Vintage Vendors


The Weekenders

Here's how your weekend could go...

Wake up to a beautiful sunny Saturday lunch with the girls and perhaps some window shopping in this light and airy linen dress.
#9002-06#, RM33
Unwind over some drinks and live music later at night in this subdued eye-let tube top.
#9002-21#, RM20
And this down-to-earth piece is perfect for a Sunday brunch with the folks. Doncha’ think?
#9002-11#, RM35

So whaddhya waiting for? Head down to Jovy’s now and pick yourself up a weekend treat!


Friday, February 27, 2009

The prettiest skirts in the universe!

... and they're, wait for this... HANDMADE!!! :-O

We're....... speechless....

Puffy in champagne gold, RM49

Puffy in peach orange, RM49

Puffy in dual tone (purple & pink), RM49

... now pick your jaw off the ground and quick make your reservation! Remakes are possible too!

p/s: I have to add something else; We've seen a few handmade puffy skirts around blogshops, but seriously, SERIOUSLY, these babies are the MOST GORGEOUS we've seen. Seriously. @_@ ...

All items from Clothes On Line


Refashion 101: Shoes, shoes, shoes... omg, shoes!

Shoes, shoes, shoes, one can never have too many, right? :-P We love shoes so much, sometimes we get selfish and we wished only we could own that ONE SPECIAL pair that nobody else has! Grrrrr.... We're pretty sure that's how refashioning started out-- when people wanted each garment to be one of a kind, unique, and personal.

Michelle Masri of A Cuppa Tea (you might remember her from The Bouncing Bananas and Dwotties) did just that! She refashioned a pair of North Star flats into an artwork based around the theme of things she loves.


After! :-D

Ok we know they are different pairs coz one has straps and the other one doesn't, but yeah, just to illustrate what we mean hehe... Anyway, the good news is that Michelle takes custom orders! So you can turn these plain Jane Bata shoes...

"Why are you calling me a plain jane... :-( "

Into these gorgeous babies!

"Oohh I'm purrrrty! :D "

We love them! So if you've got nifty fingers, go ahead and experiment-- if not, don't worry... just go ahead and pop by A Cuppa Tea ;-)

Prices start from RM65 onwards
All items from A Cuppa Tea


Steal Kiera's look!

pic by

Is Kiera Knightley our modern day Audrey Hepburn? A debatable subject, but we do adore Ms Knightley's way of wearing her Chanel white jumpsuit at the last Edinburgh International Film Festival. By pairing it with a black beaded tux jacket, Ms Knightley proved that you don't have to look like Elvis in a white jumpsuit. Annnnnnd guess what?

We found that perfect white jumpsuit for you! Annnnnd she comes with a sash to define your waist ;-) Now all you have to do is to throw a funky jacket over it. Ta-daaaaa!

MNG one-piece pantsuit, RM32
from Underused Items


Rustic denim

If gold buttons aren't your thing, what about slightly bronze buttons? Giving this denim pullover sleeveless jacket a rustic look, we know it's going to look awesome paired with a skinny vintage belt on the outside at the waist. Plus, the tiny frills are oh-so-feminine! Denim doesn't have to mean rugged all the time ;-)

Going out, RM20
from Gadis Kooky


Punky brewster

For you punky lasses out there, or those of you who's got a thing for skulls, here's an original Supre sweater that shouts to everyone that you're TOXIC. Coz poison bottles carry this sign, geddit, geddit? :-D Er, no? Nevermind, coz this sweater's still rocking it out!

SUPRE Distressed skull print punk rock sweatshirt, starting at RM25 (ebay bidding)
from Andmoreagain


Candy bottoms

Lady Gaga may not like wearing pants much, but these candy shorts do make us go gaga. Hee hee. Total cuteness, and though no one else may see the polkadotted lining inside, it'll give you one reason to grin to yourself and go "Tee hee hee!"

p/s: They even have a high waisted casual shorts going for RM6 instore, check it out!

Candy shorts, RM18 each (with postage)
from Base-mental Attic


Fishtail in a corset

We love corsets because they hug our bodice and are outrageously sexy, but are corsets something to wear formally? With a dress as beautifully tailored as this, the answer is "DUHHh, of course yes lah." hehee

Featuring a gorgeous corset front with thick sashes, she's even got a fishtail to surprise you. So elegant, so sexy, so... breathtaking. Personally I don't think it's pricey, because you can probably only get an ordinary-looking dinner dress with that price elsewhere ;-)

Anika Black, RM69
from Pick Me Up, Buttercup


Thrift Book Alert: Ms Hepburn @ Pick Me Up, Buttercup

If you agree with us that Audrey Hepburn is THE style icon that transcends generations, you'd be excited bout Pick Me Up, Buttercup's next update, scheduled on:

Saturday, 28 February, 2009
9 am!

Pick Me Up, Buttercup

Yes, what a great way to start the weekend!


Avested development

Just as we spoke about gold buttons, here's another one, this time bigger gold buttons on a sleekly cut white vest. Hmmm, gold buttons== trendy or tacky? You'll either love it or hate it, but we're sure this vest is not for the faint-hearted!

Tiktok 23, RM25
from Couple Birds


Comfort zone

HURRAHHHHH it's Fridayyyyyy! I think it should be made compulsory for everyone to wear something as comfortable as this sporty long hoodie on Fridays. Comfort breeds contentment, and yes, after a week of stress, comfort is what you want to feel, right? :-) Leggings too, because we love stretching out. Hehe.

Oops, almost left out the best part. When wearing hoodies without zippers/buttons in front, we don't want to look like kids going to Genting Highlands-- which is why this low V-neckline helps! ;-)

Long sporty hoodie, RM22
from Hear Me Say Ahh


High flying navy

Will you take a look at thissss! Navy blue high waisted skirt with gold buttons, very marching band inspired don't you think? It's even got an interesting diagonal cut, something we don't see often. We still can't get enough of high waisted skirts. They're an easy way to instant fashionistadom, and the great news is, for those of us who think short blouses make us look pudgy, here's a great way to give your short blouses a makeover without throwing them out.

Linda, RM25
from Vintage. Jiwa Creative


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Zebra crossing

With all that zebra print craze still going on, who wouldn't call this a STEAL? Going for only RM1, and counter offers are allowed too. Feeling excited already?

Mooks zebra halter, from RM1 (currently at RM3)
from Preloved from RM1


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thrift Book Alert: Handmade puffy skirts @ Clothes On Line

We love supporting our homegrown talents, and here's something to look forward to-- Clothes On Line's next update! Here's their teaser pic that teases us til no end:

Handmade puffy skirts! <3

The biggest tease? The date is unknown yet..................

Keep your eye on Clothes On Line


Pussybows never looked this good

The chirpy lasses of Vintage Pod have just updated with their Fifth Edition, and while they have brought in another round of cute vintage belts and even their first bag collection, what really caught our eyes were their gorgeous pussybow blouses!

And the best part? Check out their lovely price tags ;-)

Soft Cream Bow Blouse, RM25

Tear Drop Ribbon Tie Pink Blouse, RM25

V-Neck Ruffles with ribbon tie, RM25

Soft Peach Bow ribbon Blouse, RM25

All items from Vintage Pod


The mod squad

Channel your inner Twiggy with this bold mod tunic top, a pair of white shades, leggings and high heeled mary janes. Fro's optional, but don't forget that early Bob Dylan CD.

Eggplant, RM30 (brand new)
from Anonymous Junks


Talk about comfy

Now, every girl should have a pair of good, comfortable and non-aunty-looking espadrilles in a colour that can be easily matched with outfits without drowning out. Like these!

Talk about commmfy!

Anyway, okay, we lied. Every girl should have a pair of comfortable espadrilles, yes. And heels. And booties. Oxfords. Mary jane pumps. Peep toes. Stilettos. Sneakers. Wedges. Flats. Selipar jamban. Yeah no mercy, WE GOTTA HAVE THEM ALL!!!!

Boho wedges, RM25 (size 5)
from Miz Yu Luv


Tan out of ten!

You can never have enough bags, especially when they come in such a milky tan colour that will transform your whole outfit into a statement. Well hello there, gorgeous!

Bag BG02, RM20
from Vintage Adore


Dance Like A Jackson

In shoes like these, you can pull off any dance moves. Cos they make them feet look so snazzy, people wouldn't even notice if you clumsy. Yes, I am using words like snazzy. Ain't that breezy like music that's jazzy.
Size 6 Brogue-Inspired Pointy Shoes, RM30


Lemonade, ice cream, and lots of fun

We don't know how they do it, but the sweetness and charm at Mocking Bird is infectious, and we suddenly feel a strong love for green grass and vintage automobiles. Lovely photos aside, the charming lasses have brought in a collection that makes us want to have a little glorious picnic!

And here's what should go into your picnic basket... :-)

1. Lemonade!

Sweetest innocence (full eyelet at hem & crotchet bow sleeves), RM35

2. Ice cream!
Virgin snow (full lace top cum jacket), RM28

3. Lots of fun!
Scottish vixen (top cum jacket with puffy sleeves & frilly hem), RM29

Now, pick a sunny spot! :D

All items from Mocking Bird


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Vintage oriental charm

You certainly do not want to wear a cheongsam in March and have people teasing you with "Still in CNY moooooood? CNY's over, sweetieeee! Hee hee hee!" So what does that leave you with? Are cheongsams limited to be worn only Chinese New Year? (when everyone else is wearing it, yawnnn...)

Pick a cheongsam that's in an unconventional CNY colour (no reds), bears non-CNY prints (no pussy willows, phoenixes, firecrackers, mandarin oranges), and one that isn't OTT unless you're the Dowager.

Here's a pretty choice we found today:

In a lovely shade of sea green, this cheongsam sure won't invite any sort of teasing because you're going to look so comfortable in it. If you think it's too plain, what about pairing it with one of your favourite belts? :-)

Vintage tulip print cheongsam, bid starts at RM25
from Andmoreagain
*Note that you have to purchase via their Ebay page, more details on their site :-)


Red mermaid

We found the sister to 21 in Red, and it looks like she hails from the lost city beneath the sea, Atlantis. With her mermaid hem, sweetheart bustier, and her starfish-red glow, she's an understated beauty that is most possibly best paired with minimal accessories and a healthy aura. You'll be the talk of the town (and Atlantis).

Hot red sweetheart bustier mermaid hem dress, RM30
from envy, crave, need


Steal Angelina Jolie's look!

We were skimming through what's left from Sunday night's updates galore, and couldn't believe what we found still available on Sasha Vintage! OMGOMGOMGOMGGGG

Okok first of all, this time Sasha Vintage has gone all Hollywood on us! Not only did she bring in a Katy Perry-inspired dress (yes we all remember Katy's watermelons, how can we not, thank goodness this is a more toned down and fun version):

pic by

Fruity tutty dress, RM45

... and also bringing back the Hollywood glam from the roaring 1920's with her sexy flapper dress-- we've seen a lot of toned down versions of the flapper dress around, but Sasha Vintage's version is probably the truest to its purpose and form, and only for the daring! Just Google it and you can see how many celebrities are doing this look-- they never get tired of it, and neither do we :-)

pic source unknown

Pinky fringe dress, RM50

... and lastly, OMGOMGOMG, we couldn't believe it, but Sasha Vintage actually has a dress that's similar to the Max Azria dress Ange wore to this year's Screen Actors Guild Awards!!

pic by

**faints** ... @_@....

Elegant royal blue maxi dress, RM60
p/s: Thanks to Jean for spotting the celebrity look! ;-)

All items from Sasha Vintage


Thrift Book Alert: Special markdown @ Vintage Vendors

The sweet lasses at Vintage Vendors are offering a special markdown for you!


Nope, it doesnt stop there. :)

Get FREE POSTAGE for purchase 3 ITEMS and ABOVE.
(Including from SEASON 1 items ! )

Vintage Vendors

Oh how we loveeeee generous sellers! ;-) Thank you sweetie pies!


Like, golly me!

The fashionable ladies at Like Seriously have done it again. Chapter after chapter, they've shown us how to wear vintage with a breath of fresh air. So here they go again, my favourite chapter of them all!

Khaki brown quirky polka dot print long-sleeve minidress, RM49

Floral print summer dress, RM49

Sleeveless thin silk sheath dress with crochet details, RM39
p/s: The long pearl necklace brings this beautiful LBD to new heights!

Silver grey tree print sleeveless sheath dress, RM49

Oversized multi-colored plaid button shirt, RM29
p/s: Love the colour palette on this BF shirt!

All items from Like Seriously

p/s: You know how quick their items disappear, so you know what to do! ;-)

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