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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The right of every piece of ass

Let's face it. It's the right of every piece of ass to look cute, and by ass we don't mean the donkey type. We mean your little tushy, your bum, yes, THAT fine piece of ass! ;-) Give credit to where credit is due, and cuteness to where cuteness is due.

Perfect for weekends in your lazy tee and flip flops!

Polkadotted shorts in grey and green, RM10 each
from Wardrobeboom1


Belted beauties

If studs are not your thing, here are some beauties that swept us off our feet (especially the first belt! Ohhh...), and will possibly sweep you off yours too. Gorgeous babies paired with friendly pricetags, our favourite kinda thing!

Belts, RM10 each


Let's get it studded!

We won't blame you if you didn't notice our title was a parody of BEP's song, because YES FINALLY THERE ARE AFFORDABLE STUDDED CLINCHERSSSSSSS, WOOOT.

(Okay, 2 out of 3 of them are already reserved, so you know what to do!)

All clinchers and belts, RM18 each


Paddlepop, hey!

This little babydoll sure does remind us of Paddlepop! Girlily sweet and versatile (can be worn as a tube or a regular babydoll), you'd want to save this baby for those carefree days or that island trip you're planning ;-)

"Super duper yummy!"

Ice cream, RM19 (free postage)
from Dotty Dots


Set your heart a-glitter

We heart this heart!

Such a loveable and glamorous way to keep your coins, or even your tissues? Certainly something to make you go "Tee hee hee" to yourself.

Heart purse, RM9


Eyelet outlet

We know bows are a crazy hit lately, which is why we see so much potential in this eyelet blouse! Tuck them into your high waisted shorts, clip on an oversized bow (take your pick from the many blogshops who are offering unique handmade ones!), and you're ready to rock the microphone. Or, whatever it is you want to rock. Hehe.

Eyelet you forever, RM29


One for the summer dresses

If you love summer dresses, you'll know how well they pair up with wedges/espadrilles. Look no further, because this pair of espadrilles is a lovely combination of dark denim and baby blue accents. How can you resist, what more with such a price tag? ;-)

Denim wedges, RM35 (size 7/larger 6)


Simple and structured

Simplicity goes a long way, and so do little Peter Pan collars! Although this is a size M, this would also look perfectly oversized on a petite with its sleeves rolled up, paired with jeans cutoffs (not the trashy looking ones please), and boots (if you're not already hot enough haha) or chunky heels.

Top 3, RM20


Thrift Book Alert: Haggle away @ Alirey's

The fine ladies at Alirey's are inviting you to put on your best haggling gear for selected items. All you have to do is list down the things you're interested in, and quote them a price! Ahhh, these girls are always looking out for ways to bring more fun into your daily online thrifting ;-)

End of March Sales @ Alirey's Beautiful Garbage
Applies to items on
this post


Monday, March 30, 2009

Elegantly so

Sometimes all you need is a classy patent clutch, but what makes this clutch stand out is its contrast stitching and attached chain strap. Yummm.

Dorothy Perkins purse, RM25
from wickedthreads


Little misfits

If you liked the Jem-era-inspired earrings we featured before, you'll love these little neon thunderbolt earrings! Perhaps something The Misfits will wear, while singing their signature line "We are The Misfits, our songs are bettah!"

Topshop lightning earrings, RM20 (never worn)
from abcdefgaragesale!


Sunday, March 29, 2009


I don't know why these pieces aren't being snapped up like hotcakes. Lovely vintage dresses with GREAT prices (ie STEAL). For all those who complain that vintage pieces these days cost too much...this post is for you!

Stripe, RM24

Sweet About Me, RM28
Both from Vintage Adore


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Seeing more red

Oh my word. Yeap, yet another red item. The shape of this one just puts it above other bags and the COLOUR! The colour shoots it to through the stratosphere!

Ruby red vintage bag, RM45
from Shopaholic's Leftovers


Friday, March 27, 2009

And now.. seeing red!

Yeah so who cares if CNY is over? We'd love to stop traffic in a bold fiery red pussybow blouse like this! Pair it with denim high waisted shorts, roll up the sleeves, patent pumps and a clutch. Rwoaarr!

Burnt red blouse with pussybow, RM35
from The Old Blossom Box Store


Seeing pink

If you think you're going colour blind from the outburst of colours in our Friday post, we ain't done yet missy! Every vintage-lover should have at least ONE vintage jacket in your wardrobe, and here's one in a shopaholic colour! Wicked, we say. Wickedddddd.

Pink Flamingo, RM30
from Pa' Chenta Vintage


The most awesomest vintage earrings in the galaxy

Pick Me Up, Buttercup has just posted up their debut collection of vintage earrings! These aren't "vintage-inspired", they're truly vintage. Rest assured, all earrings have been thoroughly cleaned and sterilized, so let's hear a WOOT! (WOOOOOT!)

Superlovin how them cuties are named too. La la la la, don't phunk with my heart!

Showtime, Synergy earrings, RM6-RM10 per pair
from Pick Me Up, Buttercup



Jump for joy in these peep toe flats to celebrate the weekend, because you'll be looking good and your feet won't hurt ;-) Hurrah!

Green peeptoe flats, RM30 (size 7)
from Shopping Makes Me Feel Better (oh yeah baby! ;-))


Zero effort kabaam

We love no-effort outfits on weekends, because it's so much easier to focus on having a good time rather than spending too much time in front of the mirror PLANNING out what to wear. Which is why we absolutely heart this dress! All you need to do is slip into a pair of comfy wedges, maybe throw on a simple necklace, and you're ready to go KABAAM!

Fitted colourful dress, RM39
from The Classique Closette


Hurrah it's Fridayyyyy

Work has been crazy, but seeing colourful finds like these definitely brightens up the day! Enough of monotones for the week, bring on the colours we say! ;-)

BLG13, RM45
Reminiscent of Sasha Vintage's Katy Perry-inspired fruit dress, right? Definitely one for the weekend frolic!

BLG11, RM40
Starry, starry nightttt... somehow this dress reminds me of Van Gogh :-)

Both items from The Vintage Socialites


Thursday, March 26, 2009

From coast to coast

Just as we were talking about pixellates, we came across this really cute bunch of pixellate coasters. And we're totally lovin themmmm! These are not only the world's most awesomest coaster characters ever (The Hulk, Ironman, and Wolverine, baby!), but practical too-- think about it, these pixellate holes will be able to hold the condensed water from your iced drink, which will keep your tables dry. Yeay!

Not just for the boys, coz we know girls love Marvel too ;-)

Marvel coasters, RM8 each*
from Coloured by Blocks
*also available in sets of 3 pcs (RM21) and 6 pcs (RM40)


English rose

Nothing like an English rose blouse to sweeten things up every now and then, right? :-) In a sweet pastel coloured palette, this creased blouse looks comfortable. And if you think flowers are a bit grandmama for you, try pairing this piece with a pair of shorts, unbutton down to keep it from being too uptight, roll up the sleeves and pile on one or two necklaces. Not so grandmama anymore, eh? ;-)

Sheer top with flower printing, RM30
from Creampuff Wardrobe


Me ain't no waist clincher, missy!

Ohhh I know what you're thinking. This material and contrast stitching looks like something you'll see on a waist clincher, right? Which is what makes this pair of wedges special! In a milky chocolatey shade of brown, this pair is definitely the one you're looking for to pair your vintage finds with ;-)

Vincci wedges, RM20 (size 4)
from Hello Fashionistas 2


Nautical carrier


Sure you can't carry a buoy in this, but buoy will you look totally CHIC with this slung around your arm! This is absolutely a MUST in your wardrobe, we totally insist. (Or else we'll snatch it for ourselves hee hee)

F21 stam bag, RM40
from Hello Fashionistas 2


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Popeye the sailor man

GOSH. Totally chic, and giving the nautical-inspired looks a fresh twist indeed! We're loving how the lovely ladies at Grasshopper paired it with tights and simple pumps. Definitely candy for the eyes without trying too hard ;-)

Popeye blouse, RM25
from Grasshopper
p/s: It's reserved, boo hoo hoo. Sorry.. just too cute not to be featured :-(


Pixel girl

Pixellates are not dead yet, because here they are on a vintage pencil skirt! So subtle yet nerdy in its own squarish way, we love it! Wear it high waisted if you can, you know you want to ;-)

Hush hush, RM25
from La Belle Vita Fashion House


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Look ma, more shoes!

Looks like we're getting more and more spoilt for choice when it comes to shoes! Adorned with roses in white and pale blue, here's another pair of comfortable flats that will be perfect for that weekend at the mall-- comfy, pretty, and did we mention comfy? :-D

Casual pump flatty, RM17
from Not Quite Vintage


Le shoes!

Ohhh we love Paris because Paris is why IneedmoneyforPARIS is selling these adorable shoes! ;-) Think about it... you're not only helping a girl achieve her dreams of going to Paris, but also helping your feet look good! Yeah, we women are good at justifying things like that. Hehee.

Vincci/Nose shoes, RM30-35 per pair (size Euro 37)
from IneedmoneyforPARIS



We know you love clutches, and we know you love vintage lady victoria brooches. So here's a combo of the best of both worlds, with a good measure of lace and denim thrown in. Tadaaaaa! ;-)

Jeans clutch, RM20
from Milky Garden


Uptight seductress

Uptight certainly doesn't mean unsexy, at least not with this high collared satin blouse. Featuring an adorable polkadotted sash that can be tied sideways or behind, this baby is best paired with your high waisted shorts and your vintage glasses, but feel free to vamp it up with your high waisted pencil skirt at the office! Noses will bleed.

Sleeveless satin top, RM29
from Cherry Blossom


Nautical goes vintage

More stripes are coming your way, especially with the appearance of this vintage striped mini dress! Absolutely adoring the sea blue colour palette, and the pleats at the collar make all the difference. We do want to sail the seven seas in this baby indeed!

You don't need us to tell you how to rock this heart-crushing dress ;-)

Stripe print minidress, RM49
from Like Seriously


American pie

OH. MY. This skirt is still available???? We're curious why no one has grabbed this baby yet!

Denim skirts are aplenty, and while some combinations of denim+other material can be a bit too tacky, this combination of denim and tweed is abso-smackingly delicious! It's Katy Perry without her occassional sluttiness, hehe. This skirt definitely makes me want to have some waffles in a diner, and wait for Archie to come over and share a sundae together.

Gorgeous with mary jane pumps and a simple tank top!

Wild plaid west, RM29
from Mocking Bird


Monday, March 23, 2009


Tho we love them kimono dresses, we absolutely love THIS kimono for having our favouritestest animals on it-- penguins, and loadds of them!!! :D :D :D And the pastel colour palette with its Pantone colour bars on the sides?? So kitschy our toes are wobbling with delight. We're not sure how are YOU going to resist this either... *gulp*

Psychedelic chic, RM39 (brand new)
from Love Bug

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