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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ahoy there, cute feet!

Cute little sailor-girl flats that will make you skip to the beat of Popeye's song!

Nichii balerina flats, RM30 (size 5- not worn)
Available at Jopie's Wardrobe


*The* pussybow

Oooh, the soft bell sleeves, the fluffy sailor pussybow, the pastel pink hue, WE LOVE, WE LOVE! Forget the regular pussybows that every other girl has.. this is THE one!

Preloved 12, RM20
Available at By C-Stylish


Arsty comfort

A two-piece artsy top from Taiwan that is best for those slouchy days! Pair them with grey skinnies, ballet flats and a thick hairband. You'd be surprised at how arsty you'd suddenly feel, and how easily you'll seem to drape over chairs and couches, because of the comfort you get from this piece. We love them slouchy days ;-)

Face top, RM35 (brand new)
Available at Clover Closets


Flaunt that body

Get a bit of sun-kissed colour on your skin with these tube tops, most of which are brand new ;-)

MNG tube, RM25 (brand new)
p/s: Love the colour!!

Island Shop tube, RM15 (brand new)

Black red gold tube, RM28 (brand new)
p/s: Tis the season for them florals!

Eclipse shining tube, RM25
All items available at Little Heart's Closet


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Monochromatic hottie

We sure love our black and whites, especially when they come in such chic prints and an adorable cut! A vintage drop waist dress that you KNOW will go perfectly with those chunky heels you splurged on last week ;-) It's summer all year long in Malaysia, which is why we adore the length of this little monochrome number... and let's not forget that contrasting hem too.. yay!

Polka dot print drop waist cotton dress, RM45
Available at Like Seriously


So funky you'll be crying blood!

[Pinned: Pick of the week!
Updates resume below...]

VV Brown sure loveeeesss her houndstooth prints BOLD, BIG, and FUNKY!

Which is why this next dress looks like it was plucked straight out of Ms Brown's funky wardrobe! Like, Z-O-M-G, THIS IS SOOOO PICK OF THE WEEK!!!! *pulls hair in excitement while dancing to Crying Blood (which coincidentally has Ms Brown superrocking out in that houndstooth dress!!!)*

Full bloom, RM40
Available at Vintageville


Tricycle Treacle

This dress reminds me of all the reasons why I love vintage dresses:
First, the easy-to-wear-cut. With its flattering flare skirt and just-right neckline, you don't have to constantly tug and pull to make sure the outfit's behaving properly.
Second, the funny prints. Not too in-your-face but once you pay more attention, it puts a silly smile on your face.
Thirdly, the affordable price!!!

Tricycles! How cute is that?

Tricylce, RM25


Friday, May 29, 2009

Band Aid

Even if you're not a member of a rock band, no one's gonna stop you from dressing like you belong to one (oh yeah). These slouchy boyf shirts just exude that rocker chick cool that says "yes, I'm a badass" ;)

bs11 and bs12, RM25 each
both from 6 T's Thingy



GAHHhhh, how one-of-a-kind are these?! Whimsical, quirky, whatever you wanna call it. These necklaces will definitely add that little something extra to your outfit. I even have the urge to give them names. The horse shall be Dharma and the snowflake I christen Tallulah.

Carousel Horse and Black Winter, RM12 each
from mydressingcloset


Thursday, May 28, 2009

But Sweetheart...

Sweetheart tube dresses, when cut well and properly structured are one of the most flattering pieces to have! Here we give you two sweeties that fulfill such all the above criteria. One for a day out and as cheery as red poppy flowers. And one for an evening out with structured bustier for that sophisticated look!

Nichii LBD, RM98 (original price RM150)
from sweet-toothsome

Blossom Tubey, RM39
from ONE DAY


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Loco for Lomo

For all those who love old-fashioned everything, here's a camera to please ye ole soul.

Ah, imagine the endless array of shots you could take with this baby.

Anna Sui Limited Edition Lomo Supersampler, RM150 (negotiable)
from Our Little Almari


Boom Boom Paow

Colours Colours Colours. Suddenly pre-loved and vintage has become much much more fun. Yes, I keep saying words twice cos this doesn't happen too often when you're pre-loved/vintasge scouring.

Electric Heat, RM35
from vintageville

Small Rainbow, RM20
from Rainbow Junkies


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Super glam


Nothing says super glam like this edgy vintage sling bag! She's so wicked, only really, really bad girls should carry her around. Rawr!

Vintage sling bag, RM40
Available at Shoplifters' Leftovers


Cotton candy

Cotton candy bubble gum, she is having so much fun! Baby pink dress with baby blue polka dots, this dress also has a full skirt. Sooooo pretty and cheery, you'll be making the world a happier place to live in! :-D

Baby pink polka vintage dress, RM35
Available at Vintage Pod


More animal prints, rawr!

Pon pon! We've got a new vintage blogshop in the neighbourhood, so let's raid her debut collection! ;-)

Zebra skirts, RM29 each

And if animal prints are not your thing, and you're more of a vest person...

Long pinstriped vest, RM29

Long vest, RM25

All items available at Karang Guni Pang


Thrift Book Alert: Midnight sales every day @ Alirey's!

Alirey's Beautiful Garbage is giving you a random sale for a whole week, every night at 12.00am SHARP! Keep their blogshop bookmarked, coz it'll be exciting to see what surprises they have for you lucky girls! ;-)

Items from Heart Full Of Wine and the label Aud will be randomly picked for the sales! Here are some of them, which have friendly pricetags... just imagine what a sweet deal you'll get if they're the chosen items!

Head on to Alirey's Beautiful Garbage at 12.00am every night! ;-)


A whole lotta fun!

Superhot updates at Couple Birds! Fun, bold, fresh, cute... Wethinks this is their best collection yet... had so much trouble deciding which item to feature! ;-)

Batik smoothies, RM34

Chewing gum, RM34

Zebra again, RM29

Zigzag dress, RM34

Checked vest, RM27
p/s: GASP! Checkout the nautical buttons!!!!

Pineapple, RM29

Sweet checked dress, RM34
p/s: Houndstooth, baby! You'd better grab this fast, every fashionista needs one of these in her wardrobe! ;-)

All items available at Couple Birds


Monday, May 25, 2009

Classic contrast piping

Vintage blazer with thick contrasting piping in black! Remember that blazer that Georgina held up in Blair's room on one of the episodes of GG? ;-) We're thinking, pair this with a long tank, skinny jeans and ballet flats for a structured but laid back look.

Vintage blazer, RM17
Available at The Daring Darlings


Coolest chick

We can't stop being drawn to items that make the weather seem less hottttt! Cool yourself down and let the rest sizzle in heat with this two piece basic layered tunic top (works as a dress too!)-- looks great with a thin belt around to accentuate your waist, and will look fab with loads of accessories and even fierce gladiator heels. YUMMEH!
White and blue, RM25

And if you are more of an oxfords girl rather than a gladiators girl, you can purchase this pair of oxford heels (originally from Korea) from the same place too!
Oxford heels, RM55 (size 8 - worn once)

Both items available at Souled Sisters


Grey is the new black

So we're all still holding on to our blue skinnies from last year, and the braver ones of us will use our cheese graters to update the look hehe ;-) But why not try a pair of grey skinnies? A brand new pair of grey skinnies at such an affordable price, surely you won't have to think twice! :D

Skinny me, RM40 (never worn)
Available at Shop at Nana


Thrift Book Alert: Birthday Sales @ Tangerine Loft

We're sure you've read the story about Tangerine Loft's awesome customer service at Fashion Truth, and here she is to put a smile to our faces again, this time with a Birthday Sale!

Her birthday is in June, but she's offering you lucky girls a 30% discount off all items (except pre-loved bags) from 25th May til 25th June 2009!

Here are some of the pretty dresses:

Head on to Tangerine Loft for a month-long of sweet deals!


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