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Friday, July 31, 2009

Your legs need em!!! They're GAP, baby!

Andmoreagain has updated with a delicious collection of jeans from GAP! Definitely a bargain, as they're authentic and in good condition too! Go crazy with skinnies or flare with bootcuts... you'll be spoilt for choice. Now let's all thank her for being such a darling :D

GAP jeans, RM35 onwards
All items available at Andmoreagain


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I bag to differ...

Laptop bags are pretty much boring, and the standard black ones are not only horrid but also gives away the "Hey I'm carrying a laptop, why don't you come steal it from me later" vibe.

But hey, here's an alternative for you vintage lovers! With its masculine and strong character, this looks like the perfect vintage carry for your beloved laptop. Now all you need is that preppy get up with vests, argyles, and oxford shoes... small price to pay for rocking out this vintage gem!

Maroon vintage bag, RM39
Available at Wardrobe Hunting


Talk about drama!

Have an extra serving of drama with this oversized rosette tank top, we swear it's way more gorgeous and edgy than floral headbands! Think Lady Gaga with feminine sensibility. Tuck her into a modest pencil skirt, some heels, and show them girls who's the real drama queen now.


Black top with flower, RM25
Available at Bric-A-Brac
p/s: Kebayas in store too! ;-)


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Power of Bow

Yes, it is enormous, the power of a bow. Look how it transforms a pair of normal plaid shorts into extremely quirky ones. Lollipop in hand required when walking down the street in a pair of these.

Checkered Bow Short, RM18
from Tweede-hands


Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'm Ole School

Loving these two vintage blouses. Definitely not too OTT but nevertheless unique in a way only vintage clothes can be. Subtle but effective detailing and a shocking colour coupled with a great cut. What else can a girl ask for?

White Vee, RM25

Green-ish Ol' Daisies, RM30
both from Kalerpallette


Lace, Lace, Baby

Have been spotting lots of lace appearing on the runways lately. Which makes sense as these are somber times but sexy times too (ok, I made that rationale up but the runway thing is true, think Prada). So we at Thriftbook have decided to bring you a more affordable batch.

Tuck in and wear with bandage miniskirt for an updated look.
Black Victorian Lace, RM25

from Vintage Pod

Neutralize the grandma effect with edgy shoes.
Lavender Lace, RM35

from Preloved Is The New Black


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Biker Like No Other

Let's say you are essentially a very very good girl and generally can't pull off hardcore black biker jackets made outta leather then I have just the right thing for you!

A beige one with still a lotta edge in it with its supercool slanted zipper and breast pocket. For the girl next door with some biker cool in her ;)

Beige Biker Jacket, RM40
from Petite Pre-loved


That 70's Show

Just the right length and too groovy to be true! Don't you just love the way this dress looks when paired with white leggings? It's just far out, you know? Reminds me so much of Daphne from Scooby Doo.Dress from the 70's, RM38
from Twisted Beauty


Friday, July 24, 2009

Garden partay

I'm surprised this gem hasn't been grabbed up yet! Quirky garden-inspired plaid cropped vest in the freshest of hues (oh yes we're tired of the regular black and red plaids) that will guarantee you instant Lookbook street cred.

Drape it over a regular tank and high-waisted shorts like Blk S., or take a more exciting cue from Celeste C. and button it up over a skirt! (And if you're loving Celeste's blue vintage hat, guess what... there's a blue fedora in-store too ;-) )

Plaid vest, RM15
Available at Pick Me Up, Buttercup
p/s: Cotton On black skinnies in-store too :-)


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mono's got some sexy pins

Channel some Ally Mcbeal and get all sexy and smart with this monochrome mini. The white stark pipping gives it a classic touch, and the hem that's on the pockets makes this even more a keeper. Pair it with a simple tank for casual days or a frilly secretary blouse for some boardroom drama.

Black & white tennis, RM45 (never worn)
Available at I'm Your Personal Shopper


Shiny happy people

Two things made us smile today, and one of them is one of our new neighbours, Rainbow Pots!

Our favourite picks are the deliciously popsicle-flavoured reversible tube top (we loveeee clever things), and the pastel Carebear-goodness high waisted pinafores in baby pink and baby blue (we're sure there's a way for you to tuck the straps in to make it a high waisted skirt, but do inquire within).

Guess reversible tube top, RM20
High waisted skirts (pink/blue), RM25 each (never worn)
All items available at Rainbow Pots


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thriftbook Alert: Clearance Sale @ Tangerine Loft

If you had your eye on something from Tangerine Loft's past collection, head on over now to grab it at only half the price!

Sale on till 20 August. Knock yourself out!!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Refashion 101: Studded gladiators, studded belt, studded everything!

It's been a longggg time since we last had a Refashion 101, aye?

If you've noticed the latest addition to our Thrifting & Refashion Idols section below, you would've noticed the name Yasmine Tran. This little lass has got us all excited with her DIY projects, and she sure knows how to shop smart with her thrifty buys, too.

Here's an excerpt from her blog:

Straw hat : RM5 , Daiso
Yellow Cardigan : Mama's H&M, bought 10 years ago .
Floral Dress : RM10 , Guangzhou
Studded Belt ; DIY , YasmineTran
Vintage Bag : Mama's , Osprey , bought abt 10 years ago too .
Studded Gladies : DIY , YasmineTran .

If you love studs on belts, studs on gladiators, studs on denim cutoffs, you'll love Yasmine's blog. Not only does she show you easy DIY steps, but she also lets you in on WHERE to purchase those studs. We sure love a DIY guru who shares!

Visit Yasmine's blog for more DIY inspiration ;-)


Sailing, sailing...

Sailor girl gets a dainty makeover with this utterly fab sailor tee with the cutest lil pussybow! Sweet in pastel blue and comfy as heck, it's the kind of top that you know you can be yourself in.

GAP sailor vest top, RM39 (unworn)

And if you need the perfect shoes to go with the top... Just when you think ballet flats couldn't get any cuter!

Chic cruise flats, RM28 (size 6 --unworn)
Both items available at Pyng Kitsch


Gorgeous Georgina

We couldn't resist Sasha Vintage's latest collection, so we had to dedicate a full post to them gorgeous secretary blouses. Trust us... it's hard not to want one for yourself!

Throw them over fitted shorts, your chunky heels, and embrace some serious contradiction.

Vintage blouses, RM35 each / RM30 for the last pretty one ;-)
Available at Sasha Vintage


Monday, July 20, 2009

Yellow fellow

It's been a while since we've adored mustard yellow, and it seems like now we have the right reason to! Bring some good ol' spring to your wardrobe now ;-)

Vincci T-bar pumps, RM29
Available at Shoplifters' Leftovers

Mustard yellow polka dotted secretary blouse, RM35

Available at Sasha Vintage


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Black or White

Why not have two in one? This is oh-so-cool, it'll make you wanna skip fashion school.
Yeap, that sentence makes no sense.
A lot like spotting a top that you just KNOW you can't live without, don't you think?
Nod with me now.

Eclectic Collection Tier Geometric Printed Top, RM35 (free postage!)
from ONE DAY


Old is Gold

This pair of vintage shoes are like Kentucky Fried Chicken amongst a sea of garden salads! With all the alpha fierce sky high heels this season, these leather slingbacks are a blessing from the generations pass. Sensible, practical and subtle.

Vintage Peep-Toe, RM30


Friday, July 17, 2009

Save The Cheerleader

The quirkiest I've seen so far in terms of vintage pieces. And isn't that what all vintage lovers are looking for? A piece of quirky?
"Hey, look, I'm working a cheerleader's jersey, aren't I cooler than cool?"

Though it's not easy to wear, I think it's definitely worth owning just for the cool factor itself. A true vintage collector's item!

Cheerleader Jersey, RM35
from ilovesnackfood


Wrap Me In Your Arms

This jacket is just calling out to be owned again. With a quilted texture and non-bla colour, it'll be a great way to keep nice and toasty in air-conditioned places and look fab at the same time :)

Turquoise Jacket, RM35
from Petite Pre-loved


Cuteness in Totality

Look at this cutie! I actually hate using the word cutie, but there is just no other way to describe this adorable little plaid-print minidress. And yes! it comes with the oversized bow.

Grape Sugar, RM45
from The Wearables


Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Soft, lush and sexy. Let your hair down, lounge around in this soft off shoulder top in comfort while showing a lil skin, or toughen her up with killer chunky heels.

A009, RM15
Available at 8.02am
p/s: Pssst.. gorgeous vintage purple houndstooth dress in store too!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

There had better be room in your accessories box cos this baby's gonna bring a whole lotta edge to your outfits! Jazz up any plain get-ups with this. Not too over the top but definitely not blah either. Did I mention its simplistic genius in design is also so very timeless?

Diamond Shape Necklace, RM25 (including postage).
from Bubble Blue Bee

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